The consequences that Covid-19 has brought to the world.



The consequences that Covid-19 has brought to the world.



Coronavirus, known as Covid-19 came to the world the year of 2019. The first person to be exposed to coronavirus was in China. 

China, was the first place to have a huge outbreak of Coronavirus and from China  it spread around the world like wild fire affecting many 

families worldwide. Millions of families are to this day being affected by this virus and many have also died from this virus around the world.

This virus attacks the respiratory route so it is recommended to wear a mask and our protective gear where ever we go so that we can protect 

our friends and family.


The Covid-19 consequences 



Coronavirus, has started a crisis worldwide where alot of micro-buisnesses will stop existing because they aren’t generating a budget to pay

all of their employees. Also shipments have stopped coming into these buisnesses because they dont have a high demand in purchase orders

like the times before Covid-19.





There are companies who will move countries looking where to pay less taxes and also have a smaller budget. For example 

(Timberland,VF) will be moving from The Dominican Republic to Brazil. This company has been around for more than 37 years and has been stationed at El Parque Pisano for 26 years. This company has employeed and has kept food on the table for more than 6,000 families , men and women who will be affected by this transfer and will become jobless. This company will no longer be recieving material for footwork. All in all this company where ever it goes it is a great company to work in and well recommended this company offers its employees great benefits and great job oppurtunities this company will also help you grow as an employee career wise.

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