How can l get a job in the United States­­­


lf you are in the united States, one of the easiest way to find work can be through the newspaper, there is  always a vacancy or job offer available, the others can be through an advertisement that can be seen in the store or in a Mall and while you can see the offer of employment that put in the store,


Another way in which you can find work can be through social networks, and website, on social networks as well as well as on Facebook and Instagram there is a page in that is responsible for searching or finding employee for the company that they are needing workers and helping the company to get necessary personnel


Another place is the United States Department of labor. You have to fill out a resume where you are going to put all your documentation and the experience you have of the places you have prepared and then you have to wait for the United States Department of Labor to find you and present all the positions that are available,


Another place is the restaurants, they almost always have a vacancy or a position they a vacancy or a position they can be waiter, or kitchen assistant like others,


Or if you are interested in working from home, excite a platform that can help you work from home, such as GOOGLE adSense and YOU TUBE, among other places or course you will earn according to the time you dedicate and you can also have another job. And when you have time dedicated to your page, an extra money would not go wrong.

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