How can I emigrant to the United States legally,

There are several forms of visa, immigrant visa and non-immigrant visa,


The non-immigrant visa is for that person who only requests it to go on vacation, visit new placer; person who does not have the need to stay alone comes for a short time or a season and then returns to his country to continue his life that he leads.


Immigrant visas are for that person who comes to stay indefinitely, may be looking for an improvement in life or a new horizon there are several ways that they can request or obtain legal residence that can be,


What are the ways to be a legal resident in the United States?


1_ through a family member, and although not everything can request an application, it depends on the family member who requests it; your request can only be through the father, brother or spouse.


2_may be through a job that an employer requests to work for you to work in your company


3_you can be through an asylum, which can be a religious group of the church you attend or also a social group of famous people under the lam,


4_ can be through a girlfriend who has known her for a long time and a Meta request and if she is a much better citizen and you can make the process faster,


5_the visa lottery is one of the best ways to get it, but not all countries quality for the visa lottery, but if they manage to get it, it is a very good gift and l recommend it.


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