HOW to make money with Snapchat,

HOW to make money with Snapchat


millons of peoples use Snapchat to take photos, record unforgenttabble moments and connect whith their friends and family, but they did not know that there is already a way to make money with snapchat  after a recent update they just did, which by the way is one of the most used social networks today.


1_Create unique and true content

2_create a video or photo that catches the attention of your followers

3_you can also sell intimate photos or videos

4_Snspcha can be used for maeketing,


Snapchat has creatd a new format of opportunitied to earn extra mone, they just have to take the opportunity and start to gain followes, so that they can see your content and you can add it directly from your contact or search for it with  their code or aslo share your code, and remember that you must be very original show your followers good content so that they are motivated to share your story and enter your page, you can add your website to get more information and thus make more profit, and making money on Snapchat is true, what you should not do is do not despair, have patience and dedication  because every company starts from the bottom what l recommend is to add as many people as you can Snapchat opens directly from the camara to take plotos or videos faster is one of the 5 applications with best filter to take photos and videos.



se abre directamente desde la cámara para tomar las foto o video más rápido es una de la 5 aplicación que tienen el mejor filtro para tomar las foto y video.

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